Top 10 attractions I have visited in Melbourne that made my kids smile :)

Despite being from Sydney, I love to visit Melbourne! Melbourne is the second largest among Australian cities and the most visited too. It has a truly engaging array of attractions and things to do for the young and young at mind alike. I have handpicked a list of top 10 must-visit attractions for kids that I visited during my family vacation in Melbourne.

Luna Park

A family trip to Melbourne can never be complete without visiting the kid’s attractions at Luna Park. To make it even more attractive, the park offers family tickets that are more affordable by the day or even night. Home to an array of iconic rides and new additions are sure to keep the whole family at the edge of the seats. The roller coaster called ‘Railway roller coaster’ has a great history dating back to 1912 and has been operational ever since becoming one of the oldest roller coaster in continuous operation. It traverses the whole park presenting you the scenic park in all its glory.

Swings at Luna Park

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Located about 5 kilometres away from Melbourne city centre, this is a perfect attraction for kids and adults alike. Here children get an up-close experience of everything about farm animals including caring for them, feeding them and even milking the cows.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

The Werribee Zoo is a short drive away from Melbourne city centre on Princes Highway and abutting the Werribee River. Verily, Werribee is where you can enjoy an African adventure with your family, without ever leaving Melbourne.


Interactive exhibits and toys inspire children and kindle the fire to learn more. Scienceworks, as the name suggests is all about technology and science served with a liberal topping of fun and enjoyment.

science lab

Enchanted Adventure Garden

As the name suggests, this 22 acre facility is such that, you could have a tough time getting your children out for the next stop. Truly, it is a sea of fun activities for the kids.

Melbourne Zoo

You can see and learn about over 320 species of wildlife from around the globe at the Melbourne Zoo. Here again, your children will get so engrossed and that you will only need to think of ways to get them out of the gate, for the next attraction.

Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy is a steam train that will present the kids with a taste of the real life Tank Engine while traversing the enchanting Blue Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Your kids could also get a view of an array of wildlife on the trees across the route.

If steam trains are a mystery to you like they are for me, I found this great video which explains it better…

Melbourne Museum

You should make sure that you have adequate time on your hands before stepping into this alluring Museum. Most visitors feel that a half day is just about right. Children in the age group of 3 to 8 years have plenty on offer at the Museum.

Nature Parks – Phillip Island

Phillip Island is among the best places where children can get an up close experience with wildlife. Although this attraction involves some 90 minutes drive from the city centre in Melbourne, your kids and you will certainly enjoy this ‘wildlife wonderland’ once you get there.


Melbourne Aquarium – Sea Life

Sea Life is centrally located in Melbourne and is perhaps the best place in Australia where children get hands on experience with marine life.